About me.

WabiSabi is a Japanese phrase and means

“Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is complete.”

What a perfect way to describe life.

My name is Debbie Cleveland.

I am a  NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and photographer based in Elbridge, NY, living with my husband and two cats.

I am one of the lucky ones because both of my professions felt like callings to me.

I have been fascinated by photography my entire life. Trying to see things from a different perspective brings a fresh look to my work.   I hope you enjoy the images that I have captured.

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Wabisabi Art greeting cards and framed artwork  are available locally at

Bailiwick Market and Cafe

For the month of December, you can view my work at Good Shepards Brewing Co, in downtown Auburn NY.



Artie and Gus